Wednesday, May 21, 2008

This is ridiculous…

Misplaced loyalty from a former premier who shaped the future of the nation? Or is it just blind hatred towards the present number one? Or is he bordering on senility?

His latest move is to urge all BN MPs to lompat to become independents, and then return to BN after the removal of the PM.

This latest call by him changes his use of Umno/Malay sentiments to trying to influence the BN cadres to remove the PM.

Is he being fair to the voters?

Read his latest blog entry here.

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Blogger Eric Koh said...

I dunno if it is fair to the voters, but what i know is i vote for the candidates, not the party, if my candidate chose what he thinks is good for the voters, i will support him. If Tun think this is for our good, I will supporthim. It is time to think out of the box. If i were Tun, I will do the same coz UMNO ow is no longer UMNO then, and Pakatan, is still not qualified to govern this country due to their internel issue and inexperienced MPs, but who knows in the future. Tun loves UMNO too much, thats why he is, again, forced to leave UMNO the 2nd time. Chinese say "To back off as to step forward", His backing off is obviouly to surprise UMNO, to save them from day dreaming. He is natural born Politician. I donnu if he is guilty of something, or anything, and i don give a damn. But i know I am proud to be Malaysian beause of him. And I am proud to tell all my foreign friend that he is true hero for Malaysia.

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